Plasma Cars in time for the Holidays!



 Plasma Cars are now in stock and ready to ship for the upcoming holidays!!  My Designer Baby is so excited to bring some of the coolest toys to our site!  This plasma car does not serve our babies or mothers to be clientele, but their big brothers, big sisters, aunts, dads, uncles and grandparents!  Yes, you read that right!  The plasma car is for those 3 years to adult!  It is a great gift that the entire family can enjoy together.   The best part is the plasma car does not require batteries!!!  No sad children this Christmas morning because Santa forget to bring batteries for your child’s mechanical toy!

How does the Plasma Car work?

To propel the Plasma Car, you rotate the steering wheel continuously from left to right. It also works in reverse. To zoom backwards, just switch the set of four front wheels around so that the larger ones are closest to the front of the car. To stop your Plasma Car, just cease rotating the steering wheel and, when the car slows, put your feet on the ground to bring it to a full stop-easy as pie. 

My Designer Baby carries the 4 basic colors (blue, green, red, purple) , but also the two limited edition plasma cars, pink and yellow!

Lucky Blog Readers please enjoy $10 off your plasma car with promotional code plasmababy!  Valid until October 6, 2009!


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