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Mei Tai Carriers
June 12, 2008

This traditionally Asian inspired baby carrier provides everything you want in baby transportability, and it’s fashionable and comfortable to wear.  The eye-catching prints first draw you to the Mei Tai, but you’ll find several other reasons to invest in this carrier.  Mei Tai carriers allow for many different wearing styles: face-in, face-out, and as a backpack.  While practice makes perfect when first using this carrier, you will quickly get comfortable with it and be glad you went with a Mei Tai.  I tried numerous carriers, and my infant is the most snug and secure in my luxury Mei Tai carrier than any other brand I tried.  I love that I can slip my infant in and use the Mei Tai as a front carrier and then turn the carrier around and carry my toddler in a backpack.  It is so versatile.  The spa minky lining creates a cozy, luxurious oasis for babies—not to mention babies love to be close to their mommies.  No hard cardboard is found in this carrier making it easy to roll up, slip into the provided matching bag, and then slip into your diaper bag.  It is now available in an organic print as well.  These items take a little longer to ship, so plan ahead!


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