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Little Ladies made Oprah!
May 7, 2008

Our little lady bug shoes had their moment of fame Friday, May 2 on Oprah!  In case you missed it the Oprah show toured the mountain home of Tom Cruise in Tullride, Colorado.  While in the mudroom Oprah and Tom commented on Suri’s favorite lady bug shoes, Little Ladies MJs!


My Designer Baby carries the entire line of Monkey-Toes’ animal and insect themed canvas tennis shoes and mary janes.  These adorable shoes were created to make putting on shoes enjoyable for kids.  The chic mom knows that these shoes will keep their little darlings cute as a button while kids do what kids do best, play hard!  Monkey Toes are available in size 1-10 in various girl and boy styles and creatures! 

Stock up on your Monkey Toes during the Month of May and we will give 10% of our proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and 10% off to our blog readers!  Use the promo code, Oprah, until May 31, 2008.  There is nothing better than looking cute and supporting a great cause at the same time!